Termite Inspections


Las Vegas Termite Inspections


Blackburn Pest Control offers VA, FHA and NACA approved termite inspections reports for anyone buying, selling or refinacing a home.  Protect your investment by having a thorough termite inspection done by one of Blackburn Pest Control's professional trained technician. Inspections are two fold, first we look for an active or previous termites activity. Secondly we look for conditions that could make it possible that termites could get into your home in the future. At the completion of the inspection we will go over anything we find. Call for a free price quote. Payment is due at time of inspection and report will be completed

on the same day.



Las Vegas Termites


The termites generally found in  Southern Nevada  are the Subterranean Termites. They are known to be the most widespread and  destructive termite. The subterranean termite lives underground and can have up to 2 million members.  These termites swarm in the hundreds of thousands and can cause substantial damage to property.

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