German cockroaches are the bane of existence for many homeowners and property owners. Nobody wants to turn on the lights and see a scatter of roaches, whether they are in a restaurant, a house, or a hotel room.

German cockroaches are small brown or tan insects with six legs. They often have dark stripes across their backs in addition to wings. In spite of these wings, the bugs do not fly.

Not sure if you are dealing with German cockroaches? Need to learn how to handle an infestation on your property? This guide will help you learn what to do next.

What Are the Signs of a German Cockroach Infestation?

If you see German cockroaches during the day, chances are that you already have a bad infestation. In most cases, the bugs only come out at night.

Cockroaches leave behind clues that they were there. Most often, these clues come in the form of droppings, which look like small brown or black flakes. In other cases, clues come in the form of egg droppings. These are small, brown-tinted capsules that appear in an elongated shape.

These insects love to make your home theirs, especially when you live in a humid or warm climate. German cockroaches love temperatures up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit, which are not difficult to find in many kitchens and bathrooms. They work their way into cabinets, door hinges, and so many other hidden spaces.

German cockroaches can also leave behind a musty or mildewy type of smell. You will notice this most often in the kitchen.

Why Is It Important to Get Rid of German Cockroaches?

German cockroaches are essential to eliminate and control because they reproduce so quickly. In one year, these insects can create six new generations.

Roaches are known to carry pathogens, though the jury is still out on how the bugs may pass on disease and bacteria. Additionally, these bugs can be responsible for worsening allergies and asthma.

How Can You Control German Cockroaches?

One of the best ways you can control German cockroaches on your property is to pay close attention to sanitation. Take out the trash nightly, rinsing out the can regularly. Roaches will eat anything from the pages of your favorite book to the spills and crumbs on your floor from the night before.

Your next step is to eliminate all traces of food that cockroaches might try to feed on after you hit the hay. These bugs especially love to feast on meat, fat, sugar, and starch. Make sure to clear these out of the garbage disposal as well. They will also eat household items they find around, like soap.

Pet food is another trigger that brings out cockroaches. Cockroaches are even attracted to the water bowl. Do your best to keep these parts of the house clean.

In addition to wiping counters and sinks, make sure that you address the floor as well. Sweeping and vacuuming can help you combat an infestation.

Sometimes, it may feel that there is nothing you can do. You might live in an apartment building in which cockroaches can travel from unit to unit with ease. Talking to your landlord or manager about the bug situation may be your best bet.

Bait traps you buy at your local store may not be enough to keep these bugs at bay. It may take a professional service to control the situation. Additionally, many of the common insecticides will miss the cockroach eggs entirely.

Blackburn Pest Control can help you battle your infestation quickly. Call us today to learn more about your pest control options. You do not have to live alongside cockroaches.