Roaches in the Las Vegas Valley

The most common roaches in the valley are American and German Roaches. They are considered a public health threat because they can cause asthma, allergies and feed/breed in unsanitary places like sewers, septic tanks or garbage storage, which can spread disease causing bacteria.

American Roaches

American Roaches are commonly called sewer roaches or water bugs. They are the most common roach found in sewers. Regular pest control service can control these insects.
  • 1 3/8 inch to 2 1/8 inch in size
  • Reddish Brown Color
  • Male & Female Are Fully Winged
  • They Can Fly Short Distances
  • Found Inside and Outside of Homes and Businesses
  • They Feed on Lots of Things but Love Fermenting Food

German Roaches

If you see one; there's more! They reproduce so fast that they can explode into a huge infestation in your home or business. Unfortunately, anyone can get them it doesn't matter how clean you are. One roach can hitch a ride on anything to get in your home, drop an egg and withing a few days they're all over the place. They literally feed on anything from a hair that falls off your head to the glue on the back of your wallpaper. They are hard to control and this is one pest you should definitely call a professional who has the expertise in what pesticides to use and where to use them.

  • 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch
  • Light brown to tan and have two paralleled lines running down the backside of the head and can rarely fly
  • Eggs can hatch in only a few weeks depending on the environment
  • Each egg can have 30-48 roaches inside and within few weeks they can be reproducing eggs.
  • If you see them during the day that means there is a problem they are usually seen at night

Give Blackburn Pest Control the opportunity to get rid of whichever roach problem you may have and keep your home safe.