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Rodents carry diseases that can be harmful to you and your family. They can also overtime cause structural damage to your home or business. There are always small steps that we can take to help prevent these furry invaders, but when the problem becomes to much to handle call Blackburn Pest Control for expert trapping.

Roof Rats

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Over the years roof rats have spread throughout the valley. Roof rats are well adapted for climbing trees and vines and moving along narrow overhead ledges. They often invade attics in established neighborhoods containing lush vegetation, trees and water supply. Roof rats travel and establish nests out of our view or in dense cover of bushes, trees, vegetation and attics.
The roof rat is a medium rat weighing 5-10 ounces and can grow up to 16 inches long from tip of nose to the end of the tail. Roof rats are nocturnal and generally like to hide in shady areas during the day. This can be palm trees that haven't been pruned, clutter in the yard, rock retaining walls or block walls that have holes.
Roof rats enter buildings from various areas exploiting any openings through vents and structural gaps. In roof infested neighborhoods you can usually see rats running along the top of block wall and up and down trees or hear noises in their attic at night.
Blackburn Pest Control can help you control these roof rat infestations. Before you call, ensure that you check your environment around your home or business to learn about how the roof rat is invading your home or business. When you call us, we will explain how we can help by using traps, glue boards or baits. All of our baits and traps are tamper proof bait stations to ensure that the roof rats are captured efficiently. Call Blackburn Pest Control for a quote on coming out to your home or business for a rodent inspection or ask about our general maintenance program.

Helpful Hints To Rodent Control

  • Keep your trees and shrubbier cut back 6 ft. from your home or business
  • Remove any vines attached to your home or building
  • Eliminate piles of lumber and firewood, or store them at least 12 Inches from walls
  • Ensure that all holes, cracks or gaps on your exterior walls or around the foundation is fulled caulked
  • Keep your fireplace protected with properly screen chimney caps
  • Don't leave any food or fruit outside that might attract these rodents