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Nevada is home to a variety of different species of scorpions who all seek refuge from the hot desert by climbing into cool, dark places, which could be in or around your home. If you’ve noticed these creatures in your Henderson, NV, home, contact Blackburn Pest Control today.

Watch Out for Scorpions

Scorpions are part of the arachnid family, and they like to feed on soft-bodied insects. So if you notice a lot of insects in your home, scorpions might not be far behind. The two most common scorpions in the Las Vegas, NV, area are the Arizona Bark Scorpion, which is very poisonous and the Desert Hairy Scorpion, which is much larger but has weaker venom that will probably just cause some swelling.

No matter which type of scorpion has infested your home, you should contact a scorpion management service to get rid of them. At Blackburn Pest Control, we take pride in our scorpion control methods, which set us apart from other pest control services in the area.
Scorpion control foaming solution in Las Vegas, NV

Let Us Remove the Problem

Scorpion management is our specialty, so we have the knowledge and resources to help you take control of the issue. We typically use three different methods to manage scorpions in your home or business: black light detection, chemical application and foaming solutions.

Because scorpions are active at night, it can be hard to detect them in the dark. So we can come to your home or business at night and shine a black light to see how many scorpions have invaded your space.

Then, if you decide, we can apply specialized chemicals to get rid of the scorpions. And since scorpions tend to hide in cracks and gaps, we can also apply foam in these areas to ensure that the pests are completely eradicated.


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Don’t let scorpions overrun your home. Contact us at Blackburn Pest Control to learn about your options. Call us at 702-451-0460 to discuss your concerns and schedule an appointment. We are located in Henderson, NV, so we can easily serve all of the Las Vegas, NV, area. No matter where you’re located in the Vegas Valley, give us a call so we can help you.

Know Your Scorpions in Nevada

Arizona Bark Scorpion - Scorpions in Las Vegas, NV
Arizona Bark Scorpions are by far the most dangerous. They love to hide under tree bark, palm trees, leaves and debris. Bark scorpions are the only climbing scorpions. The sting by the bark scorpion can cause an allergic reaction that can be fatal to the very young or old. The venom is neurotoxic and can cause fever, increased heart rate, restlessness and other symptoms. They are small in size. Adults can reach almost two inches in length and have long thin pincers.