Scorpion Removal in Las Vegas, NV

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Scorpions are not insects, they are in the arachnid family meaning they have eight legs. Spiders are also in the same family. Scorpions survive by feeding on soft-bodied insects. They Thrive throughout the Vegas Valley. Nocturnal hunters generally looking for food after darkness. The two most common Scorpions in the valley are Desert Hairy (hadrurus arizonensis) and the Arizona Bark Scorpion (centruroides exilicauda). Contact us for scorpion control or scorpion removal in the Henderson and Las Vegas, NV area.

What Makes Our Scorpion Removal Process Different

Blackburn Pest Control specializes in scorpion control, we use a variety of ways to control the scorpions at your home or business. We can also give you advice on things you can do on your part to help control Scorpions. We have three different methods for scorpion removal and controlling infestations:

Chemical Application

Chemicals are applied that provide the best results to control the scorpions, this is a different application from our normal regular monthly services.

Black Light Detection

Black light is something you can do yourself or we can come out to your home or business after darkness and do it for you. The video on the page shows what it looks like when you shine a black light on a scorpion. This can help determine how serious your scorpion problem is and what areas of your property has the main problems. Of course any scorpion we find with black light is killed on the spot.
Scorpion control foaming solution in Las Vegas, NV

Foaming Solutions

Scorpions love to hide in cracks or voids of houses and buildings. This can be a crack in your block wall, gaps in your retaining wall, pool deck drain tracks, and around your home where the stucco meets the concrete at the bottom of your home. Foaming we feel brings the best results and longer residual, which means it last longer therefore can kill scorpions for a longer period of time. Our customers that try the foaming love the results! You can see in the pictures how the foam solutions looks when applied into the cracks. Chemicals are then applied with a foaming agent that when injected looks like shaving cream and will expand into the whole void. Eliminating any hiding places from the scorpions or any other insects that may be hiding in there like like crickets or roaches. Foaming also gives the chemicals more time to adhere to the porous surface which results in longer lasting effects.
All three services can be used together or separately. Please give us the opportunity to show you the results! Let Blackburn Pest Control help keep those you love safe from scorpions.

Know Your Scorpions in Nevada

Arizona Bark Scorpion - Scorpions in Las Vegas, NV
Arizona Bark Scorpions are by far the most dangerous. They love to hide under tree bark, palm trees, leaves and debris. Bark scorpions are the only climbing scorpions. The sting by the bark scorpion can cause an allergic reaction that can be fatal to the very young or old. The venom is neurotoxic and can cause fever, increased heart rate, restlessness and other symptoms. They are small in size. Adults can reach almost two inches in length and have long thin pincers.